Thursday, July 10, 2014


Input- The activity of gathering and capturing raw data.  Castilla-La Mancha uses computers to input data into the Papas 2.0 system.
Processing-Converting data into useful outputs.  The software processes the data into feedback that the teachers and parents can use.
Output- Production of useful information, usually in the form of documents and reports.  In the case of Castilla-La Mancha this would be things like messages between teachers and parents and tasks set by the teacher.
Feedback-Information from the system that is used to make changes to input or processing activities.  Feedback on Papas 2.0 could help identify areas that a student needs more help in.
Hardware- The hardware used in Castilla-La Mancha would be computers and their accessories such as monitors, mice, keyboards.
Software- Castilla-La Mancha used software called Papas 2.0 (cloud computing) and Vblock from the VCE company.
Databases are an organized collections of facts.  The database for Castilla-La Mancha would hold things like students name, grades, age etc.
Communications-The entire point of the system in Castilla-la Mancha is to better communicate between students, teachers and parents.
People- The users of this system would be teachers, students and parents of students.
Procedures include strategies, policies, methods, and rules for using the CBIS.  In Castilla-la Mancha the purpose of the new system was to “automate the provision of a